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We were young, you know, we didn’t really know what we were doing.
But I’ll tell you, buddy, we really did something!”
Charlie Feathers

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Mix Tape Radio International12 am
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Royal Counties Radio – 4 am

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8 am

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91.8 Hayes FM – 1 pm

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Butterfly Valley Radio – 4 pm
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White Cliff Radio 5 pm
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Royal Counties Radio – 6 pm

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Mix Tape Radio International – 8 pm
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Retro Sounds Radio – 8 pm
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The Saturday Hop Radio Replay
Sunday 11 am

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The Saturday Hop Radio Replay 
 Tuesday 10 pm
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The Saturday Hop Radio Replay  – Wednesday 12 am
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Rockin’ Rhythm and Blues Radio – Saturday 8 am EST
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AMR Radio…A Mix that Rocks9 am EST
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Tater Patch Radio
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Enjoyed your first FB show, Susanne. Some nice tracks in there.
Good luck and hope it goes well for you. G ~ (Geoff Barker) | BBC West & Southwest Network.

Just like to say that I’m very impressed with your show!
Love the way you’ve done your homework/research!
Most of the tunes that you’ve been playing I have on 45’s. 
Thanks again for the great shows ~ Lenny Lee

I just discovered your show and am delighted to hear that you not only play the music that digs deep into the vault but put the songs into historical perspective.
I was a pre-teen during the early heady days of rock ‘n’ roll and you revive the tunes that I loved, even though many have not survived. In fact, you play stuff I’ve never heard of—and I’m an oldies deejay like you!
More importantly, thanks for digging into the roots of rock with your jump blues selections! That is a ‘lost music’ that not many know about—even African-Americans. ~ Mickey Bo

Great show from this host. Excellent content and quality with lots of good information throughout the show.
I’m more than happy to recommend to any station.
~ Diane Marie

If you love Rockabilly and Rock and Roll, this show is for you. We’re glad to be running it ~ Kidderminster Local Radio (see station schedule)

Brill show’s great selection of music from the old records to the new bands and there music and like me if you miss a show you can hear it again on replay or catch up keeps the foot tapping. ~ Noel Bryne