Record Labels & Distributors

Here are just some of the labels recommended by The Saturday Hop Radio Show

Rollin Records ~ Based in the UK, they are a non-profit making label which is dedicated to releasing recordings from artists involved in the R&B, Rock N Roll and Rockabilly genres. All song publishing is retained by the artists as if they’ve written it, then they should get the money!

Rockstar Records ~ Home of Rhythm Bomb Records, Richard Weize Archives and Catty Town Records. Rockstar Records UK was founded in 1979 and is a well-known name in the re-issue market.  Long before this market was overflooded by cheap, low-quality copycat releases, Rockstar Records was along with ACE Records and Bear Family Records well known for its high-quality re-issues.  Because of the uncertain situation in the UK (Brexit, exchange rates, change of laws) Rockstar Records UK was dissolved in November 2018 and the company was moved to Germany.

Rhythm Bomb ~ Founded in 2003 in Hamburg, Germany, Rhythm is known internationally as one of the most innovative brands in “Rockin Roots” music.  After over a decade in the music business, they are known for their passion for quality 1950s style music and have a close connection with the rockin’ scene.  Since January 2017 Rhythm Bomb Records is a division of Rockstar Records UK.

Koko-Mojo /Atomicat ~ The approach of Koko Mojo Records is very simple: to release danceable 1950s Blues/Rhythm & Blues music on vinyl! Its compiled by DJs and our main goal is to make you dance!

RWA (Richard Weize Archives) ~ Richard Weize, the founder of Bear Family Records, is now providing access to some of his massive private archive.  Richard left Bear Family in 2016 finishing his last projects for them as well as launching his archive projects.  RWA Records is a division of Rockstar Records UK and is not connected to Bear Family.

Bim Bam Records ~ UK based specialist CD & DVD and vinyl dealer for Rockabilly, Hillbilly, Country, Western Swing, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Jive & Stroll, R&B, 50’s Easy Listening, & Instrumentals.

Bear Family Records ~ In 2020, Bear Family celebrates its 45th anniversary!
Formed by Richard Weize,
the history of Bear Family Records starts exactly in 1975.   And now, the German re-issue label has been a leader, specializing in reissues of vintage music, like Country, Rock & Roll, and old German movie soundtracks.

Western Star ~ Established in 1999, this company is owned and run by record producer and musician Alan Wilson.
In 2003 The Western Star record label was launched, specialising in Rockabilly, Psychobilly and 50’s/60’s Britpop-styled music.  The label has gradually grown and built a solid reputation, eventually becoming one of Britains premier Rockin’ labels.

Foot Tapping Records ~ The UK’s largest Rockabilly Record Label
Specialising in Rock’n’roll, Rockabilly and Blues, Foot Tapping Records was founded deep in a Hampshire picturesque village, by Clive Duffin and Colin Bell in 2002.   You can now find all their latest releases on their primary site at Musicking

Music King ~ part of the Foot Tapping Records family. 
In December 2014, Foot Tapping Records launched their new sister site, Music King, as a dedicated online store to buy 50’s style music.  As well as Foot Tapping, they stock over 4,000 CDs, DVDs and Vinyl from
other labels such as; AmbassadorFury, Goofin’ and Sleazy Records  – it’s the largest Rock and Roll, Rockabilly and 1950’s style online CD store of its kind.



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