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This section brings you news on the latest singles and albums due to appear on all major digital and physical outlets.


Stay Away ~ The Nightdrivers
Formed in 1981, this 4 piece Rock ‘n´ Roll Revival band from Swedish have been on the scene for some 40 years, taking inspiration from artists like Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, The Ventures, Dave Edmunds, and The Blasters.

Now signed to Rehn Music Group, they are releasing a new album soon, but until then, enjoy their latest single expected for release on Friday 10th April at most media outlets.


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Flyin’ Solo – Eddie Martin
Following several successful years playing the UK’s finest Rock ‘n’ Roll clubs and weekenders with his band, Eddie Martin
has now put together his solo show and is going down a storm.

Eddie is also releasing his debut solo album, which is priced at £10 (£8 plus post & handling), is available to order from his website at

With some great jivers and strollers,
Flyin’ Solo is a first-class CD from Eddie, as he brings his fitting rockabilly-style vocals to some fine classics, which also include his self-penned track “Don’t Trick Me Baby”.

All the instruments on ‘Flyin’ Solo’, are played by none other than Dragan Zac Zdravkovic and recorded at Zac’s Shack Studio.

Hitting the road running, I am looking forward to hearing more and more.

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A Tribute to Johnny Horton – It’s A Long Rocky Ride – VA
Johnny Horton was born on the 30th April 1925 and died as a result of an auto collision on 5th November 1960.  This Atomicat album is issued as a tribute to commemorate what would have been his 95th birthday.

The concept of the album is to feature ten Johnny Horton recordings, then use other versions of songs associated with Horton from various artists be it original or cover versions. The session details are within the sleeve notes and you can discover the origin of the applicable songs.

Additionally, included are artists who had an involvement in his career, either as a band member, studio musician or through a personal connection.

Expected 17th April 2020

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Indian Bred – Way Out West
– VA
Way Out West, ‘Take Me Back To My Boots and Saddle’ is Atomicat’s fourth look at Native-American culture.  The mix of songs about Indians, Cowboys, clothing, drinking, the album is a real Western humdinger, packed full of more action than the average “B” movie.

The cowboys go to the Barn Dance, Ernest Tucker, ’Cowboy Hop’or have no luck with love, Tom Reeves, ‘Baby I’m A Lonesome Cowboy’, thankfully Sheb Wooley finds love, ‘Indian Maiden’. The Native-Americans love to bop- dance and the Arrows, teach the ’Indian Bop Hop’, Roy Hogshed performs a cultural dance ‘Snake Dance Boogie’ and Bobby Tidwell & Kiamichi Mountain Boys dance the ‘Cherokee Stomp’.

The album gives you the pleasure of hearing 28 hot songs, and the sleeve notes offer information on the artist, label and when the song was issued.

Expected 17th April 2020

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Boss Black Rockers Vol 2 – Bip Bop Bip
– VA

Little Victor Mac (a.k.a. DJ “Mojo” Man) brings you the next instalment of killer black Rock and Roll from the “Golden Age” of American music

Expected 17th April 2020



New 7″ EP’s Coming Out from Koko Mojo in April

Jackie Wilson – The New Breed

Clyde McPhatter – A Whole Heap Of Love

Rhythm & Blues House Party Vol 1. My Babe – VA

The Mojo Man Presents... Rockin’ With Dave “Baby” Cortez

The Mojo Man Presents… Rudy Ray Moore The Dynamic “Ring-A-Ling

Expected 9th April 2020

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Juke Box Boogie
– Hillbilly Boogie And Jive
This is Atomicat’s third excursion through hillbilly music culture with an exploration of the tunes which laid the groundwork for the transformation in the music industry, Country Boogie through to the changing direction of the hillbilly genre.  The aim of these albums is to; entertain, introduce people to the various styles of Hillbilly, Western Swing and Country Honky Tonk music throughout the series.

Ramblin’ Jimmie Dolan provides the album title, Juke Box Boogie, and our “Country Coral Round-Up” lasso’s together Western Swing greats aplenty; Spade Cooley, Curley Williams, Tex Williams, Billy Jack Wills and Hank Penny to name but a few.  The two featured lady’s vocal skills are enchanting, Bonnie Lou and Ella Mae Morse are resplendent with floor-filling jump tunes.

This album is compiled by well-known Dee Jay and face on the music scene Mark Armstrong, who has been Dee Jaying since his early teen years.

Expected 9th April 2020

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Pajama Party Vol.1
Let’s Throw A Pajama Party  – VA
June 1963. The Beat hasn’t arrived yet and Soul is in its early days.
The parents are away for the weekend, so let’s throw a pyjama party!

While Beat and Surf is knocking at the door we enjoyed some country hits, a little bit of Doo-Wop, a small portion of Blues and a lot of Rock and Roll!

This 30 track compilation is the start of a 3 CD series from Atomicat is compiled in the tradition of great platters like the soundtracks of American Grafitti or Lemon Popsicle. Since its the perfect soundtrack for your pajama party, it features a lot of teenage hits but is not limited to that.

All tracks have been remastered from the best available sources.

Expected 9th April 2020

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Kittens Vol.4 – R
ock & Roll To Save My Soul – VA

The final volume of the Series Rock ’n’ Roll Kittens!

Expected 3rd April 2020




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Indian Bred – War Chant Boogie
‘Feuding Fussing and Fighting’– VA

On this ‘Atomicat’ album they change the style and look at fighting, conflict, Indians Chiefs, hard liquor, the bad Cowboys and the Law Men.

The enchanting variety of artists leading us through the Wild West include; singing about a bad man The Raves, ‘Billy The Kid’ and Red Sovine, ‘Outlaw’. Fighting Native-Americans, Don Willis, ‘Warrior Sam’, Johnny Elmore, ‘War Chant Boogie’ alcohol Rusty Isabell, ‘Firewater’, Jack Holt, ‘Moonshine Still’.  The good guys, The Marquees, ‘Wyatt Earp’ and different reasons for firing a gun the Fireballs, ‘Gunshot’ and personal conflict Ann Castle, ‘Go Get The Shotgun Grandpa’.

Expected 3rd April 2020

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Popcorn Blues Party Vol.3

Little Victor Mac (a.k.a. DJ “Mojo” Man) continues his series of Popcorn genre is a style of music and dancing first established in Belgium (the Land of Beers) in the late 1960s and it got its name from a discotheque called the Popcorn.

This style includes a pretty eclectic and wide range of American of R&B and pop songs mostly recorded in the 1950s and mid-1960s in a slow or medium tempo and often in a minor key.  Popcorn can be recognized by its tempo just as much as its sound.

Expected 3rd April 2020

Billy Walker:
Whirlpool – Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
During his nearly sixty-year career, Billy Walker (1929-2006) inspired his audience with a very lively stage show and his lively Texas tenor.  After his tragic death in 2006, he was increasingly forgotten, so Bear Family wants to prove with this release in our popular ‘Gonna Shake This Shack’ series that Walker was far more than a ballad singer of the Grand Ole Opry.

This album spans its first fourteen years as a professional and features Texas Honky-Tonk, uptempo shuffles, Tex-Mex songs, rockabilly and fast pop.  His early Nashville sound hits can also be heard, including Charlie’s Shoes, which made him the only number one hit of his entire career in 1962.

Extensive booklet with bio and further information by Bill Dahl.

Expected release April 3, 2020, from Bear Family Records

Scotty McKay: Scotty McKay Rocks (CD)
1-CD, 32 tracks and a24-page booklet.

For this compilation, Bear Family has collected all the rockers of Scotty McKay from the years 1956-1959.  During this time he released on Event, Swan, Lawn, Ace, Squire, Philips, Capri, Savannah Sound and Falcon.

Scotty was a member of Gene Vincent’s Blue Caps for a while and performed with this formation at the Ed Sullivan Show on November 17, 1957!   Between 1959 and 1962 Scotty was the singer with Tommy & The Tom Toms, whose rockers were not released at that time.  And he recorded some songs under his real name Max K. Lipscomb.

                                                                                      Extensive booklet with bio and further information by Bill Dahl.

Expected release March  6, 2020, from Bear Family Records

Dennis Herrold:
The Mystery Of Dennis Herrold (LP, 10inch & CD, Ltd.)
The short-lived comet in the sky of Rockabilly was born in Virginia in 1927 and died in New Mexico at the age of 74. In late 1957, at the time of his only session for Imperial Records, Herrold lived with his wife Erma Lee in Dallas, Texas.

Bear Family released Dennis Herrold’s You Arouse My Curiosity on the 12th release in the ‘That’ll Flat Git It!’ series in 1997. More than 20 years later, the rest of the 8 numbers he recorded for Imperial followed.
The accompanying CD also contains several bonus tracks. With the completely newly researched liner notes, previously unknown details and facts from Herrold’s life are made available to a Rock ‘n’ Roll public for the first time! And you can see the first confirmed photos of Dennis Herrold …!

Expected released April 3, 2020. Pre-order now.

Back In the Real World: 3-track EP
The brand new Bo Walton and Red Alert 3-Track EP is now live for streaming and download.

All tracks were written by Bo Walton and John David and produced by John at Berry Hill Studio. Mastered by Donal Whelan at Hafod Mastering.

The little Valentine gift of love is available across your preferred digital download platforms, with a physical 4-track CD is available from Itunes.

They say that – it’s a taste of things to come!


Stroll A Rama:
Jump And Bump  Various
Atomicat’s New ‘Stroll-a-Rama’ series is aimed at music lovers, dancers, and Dee Jays alike.  Every album has twenty-eight original songs and as a bonus, two titles from ‘Rhythm Bomb Records’ are included giving you thirty recordings on every album in this series

A mix of genres all of which are catchy strolling dance tunes, blending Rhythm ‘n’ Blues, Doo Wop, White Rock ‘n’ Roll and Rockabilly.  The titles to some may be familiar, however, we have used the often less obvious version and included some more obscure titles so you have a variety of music.  With the inclusion of two bonus contemporary songs which fit into the album style you have a mixed variety of stroll music and more for your money.

Available now

Boss Black Rockers Vol 1 She Can Rock

The “Mojo” Man sez:
Dear Cats and Kittens, dig this cool array of killer black Rock and Roll from the “Golden Age” of American music.  So many similar projects were devoted through the years to white rock and rollers (even the most obscure and unknown) and very little to the people that not only “originated” this music and played it long before white musicians started to fool around with it.  They also continued to play it when black Rhythm and Blues music was suddenly re-named “Rock and Roll” to appeal to a wider white audience in segregated America and became a multi-racial genre in the mid-1950s.

Some tunes are pretty well-known but the vast majority are not.  I’m pretty sure you have never heard a lot of the tracks included here – even if a lot of them were pretty popular in the 1950s among both black and white Rock and Roll fans.  Most of the artists in this new collection were actually household names in the “Rock and Roll World” of the 50s and early 60s.  I sure hope this new series of 10 complimentary volumes will finally set things straight.
Dig it!
Little Victor Mac (a.k.a. DJ “Mojo” Man)

Expected released April 10, 2020. Pre-order now

Southern Bred Texas R&B Rockers Vol 6 – Various
Koko Mojo Records continues this series, auditing those who stayed within their home region.

Numerous artists migrated from their birthplace, and for many Chicago was the blues mecca and the concept is therefore to offer an insight of artists from their origin.

Expected released April 10, 2020. Pre-order now

Southern Bred Texas R&B Rockers Vol 7 Various

Expected released February 28, 2020. Pre-order now

Pine State Honky Tonk
Atomicat begins our journey through Hillbilly Music Culture with an exploration of the tunes that laid the groundwork for the transformation in the music industry, from Country Boogie through to the changing direction of the Hillbilly genre.  The aim of these albums is to; entertain and introduce people to the various styles of Hillbilly, Western Swing and Country Honky Tonk music throughout the series

The five albums in this series will focus on tunes with a dance tempo, some great foot-tapping ditties with one or two instrumentals to vary the flavour.

Expected released April 10, 2020. Pre-order now


Real Gone Jive – Various
Atomicat continues their journey through hillbilly music culture with an exploration of the tunes which laid the groundwork for the transformation in the music industry, country boogie through to the changing direction of the hillbilly genre. 

Expected released April 10, 2020. Pre-order now


The Hank Williams Songbook – Rockin’ Chair Money
Atomicat begins a three-album exploration based around the impact Hank Williams had on popular music.

They, however, take a different approach, as within album one (Atomicat ACCD029) there are 28 songs which would have been in the Hank Williams Song Book.  The following two albums will keep this thematic idea but offer something a little bit different.

Expected released April 10, 2020. Pre-order now


Rock & Roll Kitten Vol 3 Shaking The Blues Various
The third volume of the Rock ‘n’ Roll and Rockabilly reissue series – a compilation of female singers of the 50s and early 60s.

Expected released April 10, 2020. Pre-order now


Darrel Higham – New 45 release soon!
Recorded especially for The Boozinstoke Rockin’ Fraternity, a new 45 is also set for release soon. ‘The Boozinstoke Bop’ b/w ‘How Low Can You Feel’ is available to pre-order now.

More exciting times for vinyl releases by Darrel Higham this year. He has recently posted that his next LP ‘Are You Ready’ is just about ready and should hopefully be going off to the pressing plant soon. The LP  and single will be available for sale via or from Darryl personally at his gigs.

The Race – Louie & The Wolf Gang
Last year started fast for the new rockabilly heroes from Baden, Switzerland, and in 2020, they are looking to up the tempo.

Louie & The Wolf Gang are welcoming the new year with a thrilling and fast single from their debut EP Don’t Stop The Bop, that earned enthusiastic reviews.

Reflecting the band’s current state, ‘The Race’ is set for release here on Friday, January 17.


‘Don’t Stop Her! – The Obscuritones available from 24th February 2020
The Obscuritones unveil their third album ‘Don’t Stop Her!’, the latest slice of 100% original rockabilly, country, rock n roll swinging, rawkusness! 

With a female-fronted twist and foot-stomping rhythm, ‘Don’t Stop Her!’ features 12 brand new songs that spin with the relentless spirit of the city they call home

They will be launching the album on Saturday, 15 February during a FREE gig at the Railway Tavern Tulse Hill, London. So why not join them for great booze and great times.

Check out their Facebook page for more details

Marty Robbins: Rock’n Roll’n Robbins
10 inch LP (limited edition – coloured vinyl)
BEAR FAMILY Vinyl Club Exclusive – only directly from the Bear Family Shop and mail order.

The original of this 10″ LP was released on the Columbia label in 1956 with a total of six songs and now is very hard to find, at prices beyond the $500 limit.

Based on the Canadian pressing of that time,  the Bear Family have spiced up the original, by adding four bonus tracks, all of which were also released in 1956, making this new edition of Robbins’ rockabilly recordings, perfectly fit into the label’s 10″ series.

Available at Bear Family Records from 7th February 2020

That’ll Flat Git It! Vol. 33 – Various
Rockabilly And Rock ‘n’ Roll Tracks From The Vaults Of Renown & Hornet Records (CD)

As it corresponds to the concept of Bear Family’s ‘That’ll Flat Git It!’ series, only the rockin’est sides from the Renown catalogue were chosen for this release. And these sides can compete with the best in the genre! 

Complete with a 36 page booklet, this CD has 35 tracks, there are many more previously uncomped artists are on board here for the first time, such as Lonnie Dee, Joe Franklin & The Hi-Liters, Daryl Petty, Bobby Strigo with The Blue Notes and many more. 

Available at Bear Family Records from 7th February 2020

The Great Tragedy – Winter Dance Party 1959 – No. 2

The ill-fated Winter Dance Party tour that tragically took the lives of the immortal Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper on February 3, 1959, has been documented extensively ever since then, and Bear Family’s recent ‘The Great Tragedy – Winter Dance Party 1959’ (Bear Family BCD17585) expertly covers that part of the story.

But what of the aftermath?
The tour continued on despite that tragedy for another week-and-a-half without so much as a day off. New performers were brought in for added star power, and a career was launched when teenager Robert Velline and his Shadows filled in that first fateful night (you know him better as Bobby Vee).

A must-have for any fan, This set continues the story where our first CD left off, spotlighting the survivors (Dion and The Belmonts, The Crickets, and Frankie Sardo) and the replacement stars (Frankie Avalon, Jimmy Clanton, Fabian, Vee, and Bill Parsons) along with two more tribute songs to the fallen triumvirate for good measure.

Available at Bear Family Records from 3rd January 2020

The Elvis Presley Connection Vol.2 (CD)
Volume 2 continues where Volume 1 has ended

• A unique collection of originals and rare cover versions of famous Elvis tunes.
• This second volume continues exactly where volume one ended. It puts the spotlight on songs that Elvis had recorded in-between 1958 and 1962.
The fine booklet includes rare photos and memorabilia plus liner notes by the German Elvis Presley expert Helmut Radermacher.

Available at Bear Family Records from 3rd January 2020


Popcorn Blues Party Vol.1 (CD)

Among Rhythm ‘n’ Blues insiders, “popcorn” is almost a genre term in its own right.
Located near Antwerp in Vrasene, the “Popcorn” was a dance club with four-digit capacity, which organized dance contests with growing popularity every Sunday since the end of the sixties.

Available at Bear Family Records from 3rd January 2020



Also – Popcorn Blues Party Vol.2 (CD)
Bear Family